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Paul Hughes, Sr. or 'Senior' as he is affectionately referred, is our founder & leader, and has spent a lifetime
immersed in professional sales coaching development.

It started with a passion in foodservice while working for the McDonald's organization, reporting to Mr. Ray Kroc.
Paul helped build & develop the franchise's early growth from whence it was an 8-unit operator.  He managed  
field operations and was also asked to coach & develop their store managers.  That idea was the inception of
building what is known today as the infamous, Hamburger University.  Paul was asked to integrate the training
principles taught at Dale Carnegie with the development of restaurant management.

Amidst that effort, his passion for coaching others' became more pronounced & defined.  The result , he joined
the Dale Carnegie team and was responsible for selling its program enrollments & facilitating both the Human
Relations & Sales Courses.  Under his leadership, he led the organization in worldwide sales for several
consecutive years.  

Paul's successes with people development were exciting, and it was his focus & desire to provide a more
customized-level of intimacy with customers that led to his creation of People Help, Inc.  Enough generic training,
as he felt it was time for customized people development solutions!  That was a short 35 years ago, and today,
he remains a respected and accredited leader within the training & development arena.  Paul has successfully
coached thousands of professionals whom have delivered & exceeded their expected sales results.  

He has passionately lived under the premise of
"when you're green, you're growing; when you're ripe, you're
starting to rot"
- which has extrapolated through to the great many men & women along his sales coaching
journey.  Many of today's business leaders have been positively affected by Paul's dedication & commitment to
the sales process and professional coaching.

Personally, Paul is married and has three adult children & ten grandchildren.  He resides in the Minneapolis
area and enjoys reading, traveling and playing golf.
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