• Close with confidence!
  • Differentiate themselves, their company & products
  • Provide solutions & create added value
  • Display passion & pizazz, and integrity & respect
  • Present real business solutions, not me-too ideas
  • Negotiate beyond price concessions
  • Manage relationships (liked vs. respected)
  • Gain commitments and increase profitable sales
  • Drive self-directed growth
We believe you should never give anything, without getting something in return!  Consultive Selling is a
proven sales process which allows for customer needs to be fulfilled successfully.  With today's economy and fiscal diligence,
more organizations are finding a need for negotiations in their customer interactions.  The challenge with negotiations are an
ongoing relationships based on knowledge, respect, and a mutual discernment for both parties - not just some tactics one uses at
the end to make things come together.  While that makes sense and most can agree, that's not necessarily how it always plays
out in the real world, especially when customers threaten you, with the business.  

Therefore, our negotiations are integrated within the Consultive Selling, so that they become a natural part of the process - not a
concede price & profitability game of threats.  Negotiations must be mutually beneficial and there are many skills & techniques
that can be used within the communications with your customers.

The challenge salespeople face is they often see negotiations as solely price concessions or "they'll lose the business".  The fact
is that most buyers today, have successfully completed negotiations courses/training and practice their skills every day.  Sadly,
this is one area where they have surpassed most salespeople in terms of ongoing professional development.  

Now is the time for your people to grow in their skills & confidence with tough-minded, business negotiations! Give us a call.
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