• Close with confidence!
  • Differentiate themselves, their company & products
  • Provide solutions & create added value
  • Display passion & pizazz with integrity & respect
  • Present real business solutions, not me-too ideas
  • Negotiate beyond price concessions
  • Manage relationships (liked vs. respected)
  • Gain commitments and increase profitable sales
  • Drive self-directed growth
Learn How Professionals:
  • Prepare for more successful sales calls
  • Generate new business development
  • Gain access to real decision-makers
  • Take & relinquish control of situations
  • Recognize buying signals & act upon them
  • Handling objections & resistance
  • Restore their self-confidence
  • Become consultants to customers
  • Asking highly effective questions
Selling is a people business - always has been . . . always will be!  Not surprising, many of today's
leaders accept their people's performance yet seek, "How can I help them improve & take more ownership for our overall
 That's why Consultive Selling is your best solution to increasing sales & profitability by creating more value and
satisfied customer relationships.  This is the prominent sales process used by so many of today's professionals.  Its attention to
effective pre-call preparation and focus on sales call execution allows for salespeople to consistently deliver profitable results!

Consultive Selling allows for a complete understanding of customer issues & breakthroughs, and gives the framework to present
compelling reasons to share meaningful value propositions with customers.  Its design is to fully encapsulate an intimate
understanding of your customers needs and constraints.  Notwithstanding the need to negotiation or challenge, customer
objections are handled respectfully and professionally, and moved towards commitment by presenting differentiations of
yourself, your company, and its respective product solutions.
 If you want the confidence, ability & excitement that comes
with winning more profitable sales,
Consultive Selling is the answer.
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