Helping People Grow . . .
"When you're
green, you're
growing; when
you're ripe, you're
starting to rot."
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Paul Hughes, SR.
CEO & President
Management Team:
Paul Hughes
VP of Coaching & Development
People Help is a nationally-renown consulting firm focused on the coaching & training of sales professionals
to help enhance their results and performance with customers.  It unique focus on strategic development,
sales performance, and effective go-to-market strategies have been going strong since 1975.
 No matter
what the business climate,
your people are expected to consistently execute and deliver the results!  Our
effective approach with strategic development solutions will provide them with the expertise to be able to
better differentiate themselves, your organization, and its respective products/services from the competition.  
This provides greater sales results, and will increase their overall contributions and value to your organization!

Coaching professional growth delivers the desired results and keeps your people growing in their roles &
contributions.  We have successfully helped clients do so for 34 years.  Let us guide, coach and strengthen
your people!

It's our trademark, and what we do . . . HELPING PEOPLE GROW . . . PROFESSIONALLY®
"People Help has been a tremendous partner to our
sales & marketing management teams.  They're
professional, and get the job done right."

CEO, President
Fortune 150 company
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