Does every your entire team meet expectations and deliver results?  
Want to capture more return on investment from your people?  Our 1-on-1 personal
sales coaching, will allow your people to receive the individual time, attention and
coaching necessary to fulfill their personal & professional development needs.  
Companies often provide counsel to their employees, usually through "transactional"
'do-this or do-that' directive coaching, related to the daily tasks & responsibilities.
People appreciate the personal attention and exclusive focus on them. We're effective because we don't have the responsibility of
managing the role - we are there to coach, not worry about all the distractions managers have with multiple tasks & objectives.  
Our total focus & attention is on their professional development, that's why it works!  Most professional leaders have had
mentors and 1-on-1 personal coaching in their journey of becoming successful professionals.  We are accountable to fill that role!
We believe follow-up & reinforcement are critical to execution and achieving expected results.  Whether its meetings or learning,
reinforcement is imperative. Yet, far too many organizations simply expose their people to different seminars and computer-
generated learning which often creates awareness, but does not transfer classroom learning to successful on-the-job application.
That's why so many strategic initiatives fall short & go awry during implementation.  We strongly believe that's where
significant learning actually begins, not ends.
That's also why our approach is effective and unique!  Communicated
reinforcement plans & ideas is critical for proper execution and results. Enhancing and modifying people's behaviors through
change is a challenge - and the reason why our 1-on-1 personal sales coaching is so effective - we're there to guide you in making
things happen, and to better serve your internal & external customers.
"The 1-on-1 coaching has
been a very effective
piece of development we
use.  It really works."

VP of Sales & Marketing
"My people really appreciate the
1-on-1 coaching. The personal
attention they receive has been
quite beneficial for them and our
entire organization. Thank you."

    Director of Sales,
    Fortune 200 Company
We go beyond that level of coaching to include "developmental" coaching - which integrates business skills with their individual
personal styles. This allows your people to accelerate their performance, as well as prepares them for the next level of their
career.  When we work with your people, we build upon their existing strengths and help them manage towards improvement
solutions. We provide the developmental skills to incorporate into their professional toolboxes.  We have no emotional bias to
get in the way of communicating the importance of the message. We get the job done and help develop them into more successful
professionals!  Our role includes saying what needs to be said (positive, constructive & inspirational reminders) to create
rekindled attitudes & confidence towards better on-the-job performance and serving your customers.
Coach, how big is your ripple?
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